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Short Memory
Jan 16, 2022
In Share Your Memory
The first time that I met Don was at a Mike Murley show at a hotel at Robie & Quinpool. We were introduced by Susan Hunter, who said, "You HAVE to meet Donnie!" and I fell in love with him immediately. The next day, he insisted on buying me lunch at an amazing Middle Eastern restaurant across from the library because he said that he liked to "help struggling young musicians" (of which I was neither) and then over the next week, he proceeded to do things for me like drive me around, take me out to hear music and give me continued advice about life, music, love and a host of other things. That continued for many years afterwards and then eventually by phone right up until shortly before his passing and even though he was never officially my teacher, I learned more about music from him than many of my other teachers, as well as about a host other things, just because of his loving, giving, human and musical natures. Thank you, Don. I love you! David Aaron
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Short Memory

Short Memory

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